Updated room settings

We've added some extra functionality to room settings
Updated room settings

Rooms are made up of three distinct sets of functionality; content, user directories and conversations. In the past these three things came as a set where you couldn't turn one off and keep the others on.

The developers have recently completed some exciting work that changes how rooms settings work. The idea behind this work is that rooms should be mini-communities within your community and as such you should be able to configure a room for specific user cases.

If you go to Rooms > edit now you'll see a few more options on the page. These settings allow you to either turn on/off a feature, or set it to 'signed in users only'

This allows you to have an open rooms where content can be viewed by everyone but the conversations and room members can remain private. Alternatively if you're running an event in a room you might want to show off the directory of speakers but keep the content private.

Please let us know if you have any questions support@zapnito.com