Updated PDF viewer

We have a brilliant new PDF viewer ready for you to try out
Updated PDF viewer

We've got an exciting update to our PDF viewer that's ready for release. The new version has may new options that will make reading documents and slides a much easier experience. For an example of what it looks like, here is a document on engaging content contributors that uses the new viewer. 

The first benefit is it makes moving between pages much simpler - from now on if you're reading across pages you don't need to click the down arrow, you can just keep scrolling. There's also a new side tab that allows you to see the pages in the document;

There are also search, zoom and full page options;

And finally, if you have the ability to download documents the button for this is just above the document, next to the 'like' and 'comment' buttons;

Please let us know if you'd like to give this a try or if you have any questions.