The simplyguide to organising and running a successful virtual internal event

Many of you are probably well into the throes of organising virtual events. Here’s our practical guide to what makes the difference from a good event, to a GREAT one.
The simplyguide to organising and running a successful virtual internal event

Our simplyguide to virtual events. Just five weeks before we were due to hold our annual spring conference in 2020, simplyIC, the UK like many countries across the globe, went into lockdown. And with this, so did our plans for an event for 300 people. In those 5 weeks, we pivoted to virtual and turned a two-day physical event into a 4-hour virtual one. And the results were astonishing.

This simplyguide encapsulates the hard lessons we learnt along the way, and are continuing to learn as we prepare for our next event, the simplysummit – in November 2020. Although we missed the opportunity to see our members face to face, there were upsides: our audience doubled and our content was energised by dramatic stories of how IC professionals stepped up to the mark during the onset of the pandemic.

You are probably looking at how you will communicate your all-staff events this autumn. Townhalls, roadshows, management conferences are all going to be re-invented through the digital lens and the WFH laptop.

We hope that this guide will help you continue to communicate during these challenging times. Drawing on our 15-year heritage in internal and digital communications, simplycommunicate is uniquely placed to help unlock the switch to digital events.​ We have taken a look at some of the most popular platforms out there and assessed what we think are their strengths and drawbacks.

Our simplyguide is available on our member portal. Click here