The reserved Brit and confident American

Why Brits + Americans = a recipe for tech success.

Being an American running a UK-based tech firm with a British co-founder, this article recently published by TechCrunch caught my eye. Entitled 'Lost In Translation — Don’t Mistake British Reserve For Lack Of Ambition', it discusses the cultural differences between the UK and the US tech scenes.

It talks of Silicon Valley's "ambitious innovation, coupled with a healthy disregard for fear of failure" and while it recognises that "the very best British tech entrepreneurs now seeking to build companies as large and disruptive as anything emerging from the West Coast", it claims that Brits can hamper themselves in raising money due to being less skilled and confident than their US counterparts at expressing the drive and ambition that attracts investors.

While the piece recognises the many British tech companies that have attracted investment from the US it suggests that "tech entrepreneurs in the UK need to get better at speaking to American investors in their own 'language'".

This is a great article from TechCrunch, yet I think it misses an important point: that it is the differences between Brits and Americans that make transatlantic collaborations great.

Here in London's Silicon Roundabout I recognise that a lot of us American ex-pats love this environment because we see the value of both cultures working together, of bringing together the UK's more considered approach and the US's gung-ho self belief.

This is not to say that Brits aren't bold and Americans aren't thoughtful. It's just that it is our differences that make us stronger as a unit. And wouldn't life be dull if we were all the same?