Story mapping Knowledge Feeds

Olly in town mapping Feeds.

Olly, our VP of Engineering, is in town from Barcelona and I asked him a few questions about Knowledge Feeds over a burrito in Shoreditch.

Charles: what is a Knowledge Feed, Olly?

Olly: Knowledge Feeds are a real-time discussion model that can be embedded into any website. It is the latest in our new product development at Zapnito. Think Slack but embedded, curated and knowledge generating - vs. just chit chat.

Charles: that is cool!

Olly: yes.

Charles: we've been saying, "Feeds are much more than a replacement for commenting or online forums", but could you elaborate on this?

Olly: comments live in a single place and offer very little value with regards the promotion of knowledge, inspiring discussions or fostering learning and education. Online forums tend to generate a lot of noise with very little curation or verification of expertise. Zapnito embeddable Knowledge Feeds will be curated and moderated, live or asynchronous discussions between experts about key topics, for our clients. Feeds can be either expert-driven, editorial driven or totally open: it's up to the client.

Charles: yes, that sounds right! This is a good burrito...

Olly: yeah for London, not bad. [Olly lived in Mexico for a while.]

And then we returned to the studio, story-mapped Knowledge Feeds as a team and the plan was set.

Now on to execution.