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Stimulating engagement: top tips for community managers 

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Nikol Chen (she/her) about 2 months ago

Hi, thanks for the post! I was wondering if you could help me out with a couple of questions?

1) When are you planning to release the community workbook? 

2) In addition to directly asking users what they want, could you recommend some other questions we could ask to gain a deeper insight into their needs and what sort of content/activity would encourage them to be more engaged on the platform?


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Zapnito about 1 month ago

Hi Nikol, The community boost workbook is here and the launch workbook can be found here.

As well as asking users what they want, you could also ask them what has been the most helpful aspect of a particular feature. Make the question specific - ie, what have you enjoyed about our leadership content. This way you can avoid general answers which are lovely but not very constructive.

Also focus questions on their lifecycle stage, for example the questions you ask a newly registered user shouldn't be the same as those to someone who's been on the site for 3 years. A successful onboarding for a new user is the key to an engaged community member, so asking them about what could be improved in this process will be beneficial you and new users coming through the pipeline.

The key thing is to keep an open dialogue with your users, whether this is through surveys, marketing emails, Zoom calls or inside a room on the community. We've written a bit about this here.

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Nikol Chen (she/her) about 1 month ago

Thanks for the reply, very useful! Although the links do not work :)