Small is beautiful

At Zapnito we believe that niche, relevant networks are the future.

A couple of days ago we met with the publisher of one of the most prominent magazines in the world. He gave us 30 minutes to pitch. It turned into over an hour-long conversation.

We covered the ideas behind Zapnito. How the noise of the social web is drowning out true expertise. How niche, relevant networks are the future. Although we chatted for over an hour, he 'got it' in an instant.

He said that "small is beautiful".

I almost leaped out of my chair saying, "yes!". But I contained myself (barely).

The Internet is crowded and most of us don't love crowds. Crowds are not networks, they are not communities. It is not in our human fabric to 'belong' to a network 100s of millions. 100s of millions is noisy.

But sometimes - and increasingly so - you join the crowd because others are there. Because there is nowhere else to find the people and information you value.

Its like going to see U2 (or your band of choice) in a massive auditorium with thousands of others. You go there because you have to. That's where you can access your band. But even if you have a great experience in this crowded venue, you probably don't truly connect with your fellow concert-goers, or want to attend such a gig every week.

But if you could listen to Bono and The Edge belt out Unforgettable Fire tunes in a cozy pub, you would be going there all the time. You would bond with the regulars.

And that is what Zapnito is all about.