Product updates: H2 2020

Here’s your rundown of the top new and improved Zapnito features released in the second half of 2020. From new video panels and global search to a new contributor analytics dashboard and video download capabilities, there’s something for everyone here.
Product updates: H2 2020

Video panels 2.0
As with the whole Zapnito team, Co-founder and CTO Jon Beer recently stated that his passion is in “fostering greater engagement, knowledge sharing and relationship building... [and] helping Zapnito’s clients and the wider industry to navigate this time with the right technology.”

Zapnito is an expert network and knowledge sharing community platform and our video panels tool helps to develop your network through the medium of live conversation and broadening the discussion through engaging multimedia content.

To improve our existing feature this year, we have completely redesigned panels. This now allows you to share your screen for presentations, record and download conversations then upload them to the community. For event organizers, this work couldn’t have come at a better time. These cosmetic and functionality upgrades now enable organizers to create an on-demand version of almost any event. This enables audiences to access the presentation, the speech or the conversation in their own time, when they are most engaged, ready to learn and get inspired.

Video panels

Global search
As Zapnito’s Head of Customer Success, Laura Templer announced a month ago, we have “released an update to the platform creating a multi-faceted global search. This means that it will be even easier to find the people or content that you're looking for.”.

Uncovering experts in your field is now simpler and finding their most relevant research or their most recent interview or slideshow is even easier. Searching for the digital agency that specialises in your product niche is a breeze. Scouting the most experienced presenter in the healthcare technology market is but a momentary task. Sourcing the latest insights from the world of microbiology is only a few keys and a click away.

Your trusted voice is not only showcased in designated channels and thriving rooms; now community members can find the specific post, video, document or video panel and more from the search bar at the top of any page. Users will also discover new authors, researchers, editors, publishers, executives, teachers, presenters, influencers and more when looking for the content, conversations and industry experts from the search tool.

You can learn more about this feature upgrade in Laura’s explanatory post, here.

Global search

Contributor analytics
Community contributors now have a 'My Analytics' page which allows you to see how your content has been received within a chosen time frame. Generating contributor analytics is now as easy as pie - or bar, in the case of these graphs. Not only are the insights powerful but “the page is rather beautiful!” too, as Laura mentioned in this recent customer update.

It’s time to get your ‘brag rags on’ and show your fellow authors who has the most popular articles, videos and more with the most engaged followership. Keep track of the content views and engagement numbers (such as Likes and Comments) on a regular basis to identify trends in what’s working and what needs improving or even changing about your uploads. This provides a robust opportunity to listen to your community without even asking them a single question.

Contributor analytics

Video download option
Panels and other video uploads can now be downloaded. It can be easy to forget that you’re still recording your video panel and start conversing about your day, what the kids have been up to or even worse, your frustration with a colleague! Would you want to publish that for all to see? Certainly not. Thankfully, now you have the option to download the content and make edits before releasing it to the world. Only upload the expertise you know your followers will be interested in seeing (even if they would have enjoyed the company gossip too!).

You can find a full breakdown of how to go about this in Laura’s post, here or the following GIF should provide some overview of the process.

Video download

As always, we are continuously adapting, improving and optimizing our product to match demand and further our offering for a superior user experience and business need. We will be releasing more noteworthy changes very soon, so stay tuned. Our roadmap is only extending.


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