Press Release: Winmark announces plans to build a global online C-Suite Community to deliver value throughout uncertain times, using SaaS platform Zapnito

[London, 20 May] - Winmark, a world-leader in C-Suite networks, has announced plans to move its C-Suite community onto a new digital space using SaaS platform Zapnito. 
Press Release: Winmark announces plans to build a global online C-Suite Community to deliver value throughout uncertain times, using SaaS platform Zapnito

The move will see Winmark’s significant portfolio of in-person C-Suite communities shift to an owned online space, building greater resilience and agility into Winmark’s event and service offering in the post-COVID era.

Winmark has always provided a place where new C-Suite relationships develop, where C-Suite best practice is shared and a place of unique access and insights for C-Suite leaders. The strategic changes that the SaaS platform from Zapnito enables, include greater inclusion from members who are geographically disparate and time-constrained. The network will enable members from all over the globe to engage with each other as & when they are able. 

The Zapnito solution also allows Winmark’s renowned masterclasses for time-poor executives, including the One Day MBA and Board Excellence, to be hosted online, allowing a broader audience to benefit. 

For many years Winmark has been mapping the C-Suite and building content to enable everyone, from the Chair and CEO to the department leads such as the CIO, CFO, COO, CHRO, CLO, and CMO, to create more value for the organisations they serve.  This colossal ‘world-class company’ out of a box initiative has been substantially accelerated by giving C-Suite executives the ability to co-create in private spaces.  

The online network remains exclusive to C-Suite members, across all industries, to help them learn from their peers, engage in conversations, and share knowledge and experiences.  It also provides an online solution to Winmark’s existing premium networking offering, where C-Suite executives meet in-person throughout the year at events that are designed around each function.

On the partnership, John Jeffcock, Chief Executive Officer at Winmark said, “Transforming this into a digital place through Zapnito’s platform was a natural transition. Winmark has been planning to move to a more digital model for some time, and what struck us about Zapnito is its focus on the members. The community model enables Winmark to be led by its members and therefore shape its offering around  them - catering exactly to the people who matter most to our business.”

Charles Thiede, CEO of Zapnito, said, “Winmark is the perfect user case for Zapnito as the community platform exists to bring together groups of experts to share their knowledge and experiences. The team is thrilled to be the chosen platform for Winmark’s C-Suite community and we are excited to see how it will transform the member networks.”

About Winmark

Winmark’s professional member networks enable C-Suite executives to learn from their peers and engage in the discussions that are transforming their business environment.  Widely acclaimed management research provides leaders with intelligence and perspective, and education academies update, develop and empower executives across industries and functions 

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Zapnito is a knowledge‐sharing and expert community platform built for enterprise organizations to deliver expertise on‐demand and build sustainable communities.

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Nicola Fine
Head of Marketing, Zapnito