Online communities: quality over quantity, always

Zapnito's approach is to prioritize value over volume and that should go for your community too.
Online communities: quality over quantity, always

In today’s unusual times, you can only attend so many virtual events before becoming saturated by them. Zoom fatigue is a rising phenomenon and that’s why the quality of your online interactions matters more than the frequency and number of them.

It’s also why Zapnito tries to choose its clients carefully as much as our clients choose us carefully.

We look for clients that are aligned with our mission: to help the world return to Collective Intelligence. Real, authentic intelligence from trusted brands and their experts.

We look for clients that also wish to go on the journey with us vs. just be another vendor in a sea of SaaS providers.

We work with brands that are building engaged followings with meaningful interactions,  in knowledge-intensive organizations.

In other words, we’re not a volume play like so many of our competitors.

Prioritizing value over volume
Zapnito prioritizes  high impact organizations versus just a high volume of them, because:

  • We partner with our customers to build communities that are changing the world. Sure this is a cliche, but for so many of our customers, it is categorically true.
  • We develop lasting relationships.
  • Want to achieve great things together - for example, by building new custom integrations like we did for the OnMedica community.
  • Want to help organizations to create value.

You can see this in action with the OECD Forum, a space where international leaders (across industry, academia, and government)meet online to discuss the most pressing social and economic challenges confronting society. Recent discussions include finding a way to make the world ‘COVID-ready’, considering the implications of the pandemic on education, and looking towards a green recovery. 

Likewise, the Springer Nature research communities have been uniting science’s best minds to explore the consequences (and solutions for) the pandemic, climate change, wildfires, and more. 

Making the most of every member
From a member’s perspective, people can only truly participate in maybe half a dozen communities at once. If they’re overwhelmed with events, discussions, and content, they cannot truly take in what’s being said, or discuss and share their insights effectively. 

A community is a unified body of individuals with a common characteristic or interest, living together within a larger society, or a body of persons of common and especially professional interests. Based on this, most people will only have a handful (say, three to five groups) of communities that they feel a part of. 

Consequently, when an individual decides to become a member of a community, that brand shouldn’t take this for granted. It’s not a numbers game when connected with a highly engaged, bought-in group of people. Therefore, quality communities created by quality brands are the ones that matter - that will truly make a difference in people’s daily lives. And these are the ones we work with. 

Zapnito’s approach
How does Zapnito ensure this? 

We look for knowledge-intensive communities that are actively driving innovation and change across society. They aren't looking for idle chit-chat, but instead, have a clear vision to help change the world for the better. If a community is born simply as a volume play, prioritizing the quantity of members over quality, then Zapnito is probably not the right platform. 

We are in this for the long run. Zapnito partners with its clients for years, growing together to achieve great things in tandem. It’s a long-term relationship where we are united with common goals and share the same values - and we define these before embarking on a journey together. This is key to the success our clients have experienced using the Zapnito platform. To have knowledge-sharing and intelligence that adds something good to the world.

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