New: ‘My Digest’ and Contributions

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New: ‘My Digest’ and Contributions

1. ‘My Digest’

The Digest is a feature that enables users to stay up to date with the content and conversations that matter most to them. It allows them to ‘watch’ the channels and rooms they are interested in, and be notified by email about new content and conversations at a frequency of their choosing. You can learn more about the Digest and other newsletters here.

With the release of the ‘My Digest’ page, you can now view in one place a monthly round-up of the content and conversations that matter most to you. You can access your ‘My Digest’ page by clicking on your avatar image on the top-right corner of any Zapnito site.

If this page is blank, or you would like to change the content that is being shown, go to ‘Taylor your digest’. You can access this page via your 'My Digest', or in your 'Account Settings'. Once you land on it, you will be able to select the channels and rooms you want to stay up to date with. Notably, you will only be able to ‘watch’ a private room if you have been invited to join the room as a member or a contributor.


2. Contributions

We have extended the exciting new feature of ‘contributions’. In addition to having the ability to add co-authors to a piece of content, your contributions will now appear on the content card, as shown below. 

Content for which you are a contributor will appear on your profile. This will allow you to view all your content in one place. In the same way as with content that you have published to the site, you are able to filter your contributions by ‘Posts’, ‘Videos’ and ‘Documents’.

Contributions are useful if you’re writing with a team of collaborators and you want to add them as co-authors, or if your work is sponsored by an organisation that you want to represent. You can read more about contributions, and how to enable them on your site, here.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at