New feature: @mentions

We have released @mentions in group conversations! Learn more about what they are and how you can use them in your community.
New feature: @mentions

We are really excited to announce that @mentions have been added to group conversations! 

Group conversations of up to 5 people are available in the community, which allow users to send private messages to one other. To read more about direct messages on Zapnito, please see this post.

The Why, What & How of @mentions

The @mentioning feature allows users to more easily communicate with one another in group conversations. These mentions are an easy way to draw someone's attention to a high-priority conversation or message.

To mention someone, you need to type their @name in a message. You can start by typing the @ character and a popup menu will appear with a list of users in the conversation.

When you notify someone with an @mention, they will see an @ sign next to their name in the conversation, and will receive one or more notifications.

The first notification will come through the conversations icon at the top of the community, unless the conversation has been muted by the user.

Furthermore, if the person you @mention has email notifications enabled, @mentions will trigger an email notification, unless the conversation has been muted. Users can access their notification preferences under their 'Account Settings'.

How can I enable @mentions in my community?

If the conversations feature is enabled in your community, the @mentioning functionality will have been automatically added to group conversations!

If you would like to switch on the conversations feature, or have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at