New feature : Marketing opt-in

Add a marketing email opt-in step to your onboarding process
New feature : Marketing opt-in

We've just released a small update to the user onboarding process. You can now ask your users if they'd like to opt into your marketing emails.

This setting is controlled by the Zapnito admins so if you'd like to turn it on please contact

When this is switched on it'll be visible in the following locations;

1. On the registration sign-up page;

2. On the 'account details' page during registration;

3. On the users 'Edit profile' page;

This means that users can change their selection at any time.

As an admin you can see who has opted in/out by clicking the Export Users csv download on the settings>users page;

The text on the opt-in can be changed so please let us know if you'd like to update the language.

If you have any questions please drop them over to