New feature: Events Noticeboard

A introduction to our latest new feature, designed to help you and your community members keep track of upcoming events and RSVP to any that are of interest.
New feature: Events Noticeboard

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest new feature to be added to the Zapnito platform: the Events Noticeboard. This tool allows users to easily navigate, learn more about and RSVP to events within their community, from larger events such as roundtables and webinars to more intimate gatherings such as one-to-one video panels.

How does it work?

With its simple and intuitive user interface, the Events Noticeboard allows users to provide further details about events such as time, location and whether it will take place online or in person. Users can also customize their events with a written description and thumbnail image, meaning no important information is left out.

The Events Noticeboard also has its own homepage widget, allowing users to promote specific events on the front page of their community in the order of their choosing. This means the most important events in your calendar can be placed front and centre within your community, giving members a quick and easy overview of the main upcoming events.

User interface of Events Noticeboard
The intuitive interface of the Events Noticeboard makes it easy to create customized event listings.

Events Noticeboard UI
Add your own thumbnail and description to your events.

Staying in the loop

It is also now easier than ever to RSVP to events. In addition to being able to state whether they are going to an event or not, users will receive an email confirmation and also receive updates on any changes to the event such as time and location. It is also possible to display when RSVP for an event has closed, meaning less confusion regarding whether an event is still available or not.

Events have long been the lifeblood of so many of our customers’ communities. The addition of the Events Noticeboard will ensure that every member of those communities is able to find out what’s happening around them and not miss a single beat, bringing those communities closer together and opening up the door for even more knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer interaction.

For more information on the Events Noticeboard and how it works, take a look at the video tutorial created by our Customer Success team.

Events noticeboard gif
The Events Noticeboard is easily accessible from the homepage of the community.


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4 months ago

Hi Henry, many thanks for this useful article. I would like to share this update with our WildHub community and was wondering how you added the video loop at the end. I made a video loop myself using Quicktime but cannot see a way to upload it in the post itself. The post is actually a video tutorial that I added using Create > a video and the text accompanies this video. Many thanks in advance for sharing your insights!