New contributor analytics

An easier way for authors to see how well their content has done on your community
New contributor analytics

It's that time again, there's another exciting release on the Zapnito platform that i'd like to tell you about. We've just finished an update to your 'My Analytics' page which allows you to see how your content has done within a chosen time frame.

If you've ever written anything on your community you'll know that feeling of wanting to see how many times it's been read and liked since you pressed publish. Now it's even easier to see this information with only a few clicks - and the page is rather beautiful!

All you need to do is click on your avatar in the top right corner and select 'My Analytics' and you'll see this page;

In the top right corner you'll see a data picker and if you open it up you'll be able to select the chosen date range;

If you scroll down the page you'll see further details about the articles that have been engaged with within the selected time frame.

The list is organised by page view (highest at the top) but it also shows likes, comments and the number of times the 'related content' button has been clicked.

These are the key engagement metrics for an item of content, so by tracking these data points each month you'll be able to see how well your content is doing on the community.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this new release or if there's anything that we can help you with