New feature: My Network

Here's an explanation on our latest feature, called 'My Network'.
New feature: My Network

We've just released our exciting new feature and we can't wait to tell you all about it.

The feature is called 'My Network' and it has 3 subpages which allow you to have a personalised view of the people, analytics and rooms in your community. 

When this is switched on you'll see a little My Network button in the top right of the site, next to the Create button. When you click on it you'll be offered the choice between 'Rooms', 'Analytics' or 'People'.


On this page you'll see an overview of the rooms of which you're a member or contributor. 

You'll also see a small note on any room where there has been recent activity. This activity includes new or updated conversations and new content. This way you can keep up to date with all the recent changes in your community without having to click in and out of each room, or rely on your email notifications.


On this page you'll see three sections; recommended experts, people I follow and people who follow me. 

The recommended experts are chosen based on your custom field selections, so if you've said that you're interested in content marketing and UX then these experts will have this in common with you. You'll be able to visit their profile or follow them directly from this page.

The two followers lists below allow you to easily send a message, start a video panel, or visit the profile of someone to whom you're connected.

This page is a great way to learn about and connect with different people on the site and will drive engagement between users.


This is an existing page in a new location. Previously this page existed in the drop down list underneath your avatar in the top right of the page.

My Network is a personalised view of the community so it made sense to add the personal user analytics under this heading.

When My Network is switched on for a community all users will be able to access it, this means that it's not controlled by user ability. However, each of these pages can be turned on/off individually so if you only want to turn on 'People' for now then we can do that for you.

We'll start contacting you right away to get this switched on.

Please let us know if you have any questions