My Network: Courses

We've added another page to the MyNetwork feature
My Network: Courses

If you use our Courses feature then we've got an exciting update to the My Network pages that might interest your users.

The latest page allows users to see a personalised view of the courses that they're taking and their progress. 

At the moment this feature is off, so if you'd like to take a look please check out the Zapnito page here, or ask our support team to switch it on for your community. When it's switched on you'll see a new tab added to the page;

You might be wondering what's the difference between this page and the courses landing page that you can access in the main menu under 'view all'. The My Network page is personalised whereas the menu page is more general. The menu page will show you all courses available on the community but the My Network page will only show you the courses you're actively engaged with.

On the My Network Courses page you'll be able to clearly view which courses you've taken recently, versus courses you started (but didn't finish) a while ago.

The page will show you the overall percentage progress per course, and how far through each module you've reached.

You'll also be able to see all courses you've completed and easily download the certificate;

The aim of My Network is to give your users their own view of the community, allowing them to engage with users and dive into interesting content more easily. The new courses addition will help to build the learning and development side of your community as well.

If you'd like to turn on this page for your community, or if you'd like to learn more about the courses feature please get in touch