Messy play

My daughter painting reminded me that I too am trying to create something great.

I know I just broke some kind of unspoken rule about using your kids or their artwork in a business context. But I couldn't resist. Here is my daughter hard at work at 'messy play'. She was painting. Creating.

It struck me that she is as invested in her work I am as a founder of a start-up. She is saying here: "take a look at this thing I created". Proud.

The other 'entrepreneurs' alongside her are working on their own creations. She is probably less competitive with her peers than those of us running a start-up but, at the end of the day, the point is that we are all trying to create something great.

If we remember that then all the other 'noise' of establishing a business is just noise.

Keep building. Keep creating. Oh, and have fun doing it.