Latest platform updates for February

There is a saying that goes: “Start and sustain a habit of writing down 5 good things that occur in your life every day.” We took this advice and pumped it up a bit!
Latest platform updates for February

Here are the new good things that occurred on our platform in the past week:

  • We tidied things up. With the release of a continuous improvement to the user management page: slightly more compact, allowing the users to be viewed “above the fold”, clickable groups and a new status column that tries to explain the various states a user can find themselves in: Unconfirmed, Not onboarded and Active.

    • We swapped out the underlying infrastructure for search, which has a variety of wins, such as the accuracy of our search results, that has vastly improved. This advance will allow us to continually improve search and we’ll let you know about these changes over the coming year.
    • Scalability – Our developers are always busy improving the invisible parts of the platform and there’s a lot that happens in the background which keeps our platform ticking along. Some of that work focuses purely on making things faster: we cut the average response in half and massively reduced our performing response. It’s a win all over!
    • Add your favourite social tags. We added Instagram and Pinterest as an available option to be added to the left-hand navigation bar, for your community to have easier access to other platforms that your community is using.
    • New look on legal pages: nicer looking URLs, the footer now shows the terms and conditions and cookie policy by default and last but not least, all the legal pages are now accessible to everyone, regardless of if the user is signed in or their current status (confirmed / onboarded).
    • We enabled custom fields to be displayed as columns in room directories! You can find all the details about the process of adding these columns in this short video: