Improvements to authoring content

We're going to release some UX updates on the video, document and written content authoring pages
Improvements to authoring content

We've got an update to the look and feel of the authoring pages that's going to be released this week. We're really pleased with these changes so here's what's happening;

  • The color contrast between the title, intro and text sections. This means that the areas for adding your content are clearer and it's easier to see what your content will look like once it's published.

Improved color contrast

  • Auto closing on menu options. When you open up the channel picker, select a channel and then go to the room picker, the channels will automatically close. This means that you won't have to scroll up and down the menu anymore.
  • Hover over words to edit. This is a quick way to add bold, italics or links to a word or phrase in your content.

Hover over words to edit

The changes will impact all three content types and we aim to release it this week. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

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