How Winmark built a global online C-Suite community to deliver value during uncertain times

Winmark’s portfolio of in-person C-Suite communities needed to shift quickly onto an online space, to give the network greater resilience and agility in the wake of COVID-19
How Winmark built a global online C-Suite community to deliver value during uncertain times

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The past months have seen almost every organization rethink how they deliver value and adapt to the circumstances. Winmark Global did exactly this. A world-leader in C-Suite networks, Winmark had always planned to add a digital dimension to their offering. The coronavirus pandemic and associated global shutdown accelerated this.

Sooner rather than later, Winmark required a consistent way to deliver valuable content to its members, to help them achieve their goals and respond to the challenges on the horizon.The timing of the community build and launch added complexity to the process. There was significant time pressure to launch the community as quickly as possible, to meet the immediate needs of members.

In order to succeed in the online community, Winmark deciphered a number of goals. The thoughts and perspectives of senior decision-makers in the network are highly valuable to other members. Therefore the community needed to encourage collaboration and contributions, as well as offering the ability to connect members one-on-one. Giving visibility to partners was also crucial, in order to provide value in a digital sphere. 

There are many future plans for the Winmark community. There are plans to host events on the online platform, using a blend of virtual and in-person events once safety measures allow. Community integrations with Salesforce and Pardot will give a more joined-up member experience and will deliver timely content recommendations. Most importantly, this growth and the development of the platform will be 100% led by the people that matter most: the members.

How Winmark’s member networks online C-Suite platform has helped to expand its online community:

  • 22 private rooms for each c-suite function
  • 7 channels of topics affecting business leaders
  • Members from Amsterdam, Dubai & Singapore 
  • Online masterclasses
  • 150-200 events a year in the UK

To learn more, download the full case study on how Winmark Global built a global online community of C-Suite executives.