How simplyIC Live doubled their event audience when they moved to an online community

In response to the Covid-19 lockdown, simplycommunicate turned to Zapnito to help run their event in a virtual format and create an online community around it
How simplyIC Live doubled their event audience when they moved to an online community

Download the “simplycommunicate case study” in full.

simplycommunicate enables effective internal communications by bringing together passionate people with transformative technology to drive better business results.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, simplycommunicate’s annual simplyIC event needed to adapt and move online in order to cater for their 300 attendees. 

Rather than a series of webinars, the simplycommunicate team wanted to create a ‘digital venue’ where members could explore different rooms and engage with the speaking topics. An interactive space place to interact with other attendees, speakers and sponsors, as well as watching the engaging speaker sessions.

The team also wanted to consolidate all of its sites and communication channels into one user-friendly place that members could easily access - for information on events, learning and networking.

Going from a 2-day in-person event to a 4-hour virtual event, the event exceeded all expectations. Instead of 300 attendees, 700 people registered for the virtual event and over 560 people attended. Engagement was extremely high, and the event hashtag even trended in the UK on Twitter.

Each sponsor had a ‘room’ that housed content, webinars and conversations with attendees. Rather than collecting leads through scanning an exhibition card, the Zapnito platform provided data on the members who entered each room as well as how long they remained in there. This provided sponsors with much richer data than at an in-person event. 

With Zapnito, simplycommunicate now plans to grow this online community, moving towards a subscription model to reflect the ongoing value that the community provides. There are also plans for in-depth research and data to keep members updated with incoming changes in the industry, and how this impacts their role. 

How simply communicate succeeded in their online event:

  1. 700 people registered for the virtual event
  2. Over 560 people attended 
  3. More than 300 different members voted on discussions and content
  4. The event’s hashtag was trending on Twitter

Download the full “simplycommunicate case study” to learn more

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