From Audiences to Subscribers: A Publisher's Guide to Expert Communities

In today's world, publishers and information providers must offer more than just great content - they need to provide an experience for their audiences.
From Audiences to Subscribers: A Publisher's Guide to Expert Communities

B2B media organizations must adapt to a world where content is no longer king. Relationships between B2B organizations and their audiences have begun to reflect those of B2C brands, with a greater emphasis on a simplistic buying process and agility in the marketplace. Audiences today demand first-class experiences from their publishers and information providers, forcing these organizations to reconsider their offering and find new ways to deliver value.

At the same time, these publishers must address the risk of losing a key revenue stream as the phasing out of third-party cookies threatens to eliminate as much as $10 billion in sponsorship revenue. Now more than ever, these organizations must focus on acquiring first-party data and diversifying their revenue.

Fortunately, there is a solution: a branded expert community which provides a home for content and a space for publishers’ audiences to interact, learn and collaborate. Publishers are increasingly activating their communities in order to engage their audiences, offering the kind of additional features and services that will turn them from readers into paying subscribers.

Our new eBook ‘From Audiences to Subscribers: A Publisher’s Guide to Expert Communities’ sets out the state of play for B2B media organizations today, including: 

  • The importance of building an emotional connection with audiences
  • The growing value of peer referrals 
  • The end of third-party cookies in 2023 and its ramifications for the industry

By becoming the trusted partner to your subscribers, you can maximize the lifetime value of existing subscribers and reach new ones. As users reap the benefits of their own success, they become advocates for your brand too.

Download the eBook here.

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