Feature Update: Organization Login

We’ve introduced an exciting new feature which enables users to be able to switch between their account and an Organization account, without having to proxy login. 
Feature Update: Organization Login

This new functionality allows a Community Manager to allocate user accounts to one or more Organization accounts. The allocated users will be able to assume the permissions of the Organization account without having to know the username and password for the Organization account. 

So what does this look like? 

  • Once a user is associated with an Organization, they will be able to see a “My Organizations” menu link which lists the Organizations they are associated with, and from there they can choose to assume the account of one or more of those Organizations. 
  • The user then switches to their assigned Organization account, where they will be able to act on the Organization’s behalf including editing their profile and publishing content. 
  • Once the user has completed their work, they will be encouraged to exit the Organization account and return to their own User account

Let’s break this down step by step:

Step 1 | Creating an Organization account

This functionality sits behind a feature flag called ‘Organizations Login’. Just email one of the team at support@zapnito.com to enable this for you! 

The Community Manager can create a new Organization profile in the new tile “Organization” under Settings.  The available fields for the Organization profile are: Name, Address (optional), Location, Phone number, Logo.

Step 2 | Adding users to the Organization account

Once the Organization is created, the Community Manager can add existing users to the account by using the type-ahead search. The user will receive an automated email stating that they have been added to the Organization (no confirmation required).

P.S - The user who created the Organization will need to add themselves as a user to the Organization in order to switch the accounts via the menu. Just hard refresh the whole page and this user will show in the Organization menu.

Step 3 | Organizations in the user menu

As soon as a user has been added to the Organization and a hard refresh of the page happens, the Organization will be shown in the user’s menu in the top right corner as shown below. 

Step 4 | Switching between user and Organization profile

The user will be able to switch to the Organization account by simply clicking on the Organization in the menu as no password or proxy-login is required! The user profile in the top right corner will switch so it’s clear to the user that they are now acting on behalf of the Organization. 

Step 5 | Acting on behalf of the Organization

The user will be able to do any actions on behalf of the Organization assuming the Organization’s permissions, i.e. publishing content and editing the Organization’s profile. 

Step 6 | Viewing the Organization Profile page

In order to view the Organization Profile in the front-end, simply click on the three dots and then on ‘Public profile’. 

Step 7 | Sign out of the Organization

Once the user is done with the task, they can sign-out of the Organization account by simply clicking on “Sign Out” in the main menu in the top right corner. After clicking on “Sign Out”, the user will automatically be redirected to their own user profile (signed-in state). 

Step 8 | Email notifications

Email notifications referring to an activity on behalf of the Organization, will be sent to the email address of the Organization profile -> under ‘Email Address’.

Step 9 | Removing users from the Organization

A Community Manager can remove a user from an Organization by going to the Organization management page and removing the user with one click. There will be no email notification triggered to the user.

Step 10 | Deleting an Organization (Soft/Scheduled Delete)

Deleting an Organization works the same as deleting a user. Head to the Organization manage page, click on the three dots and then ‘Delete’. The Organization will then be deleted after 24 hours, along with any data in GoSquared and all content that has been published on behalf of the Organization.

And that’s it! We hope you find this feature useful and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at support@zapnito.com


Go to the profile of Ashley Swearingen
about 2 months ago

Love this new feature! Thank you for building it out! 

Go to the profile of Siân Legg
14 days ago

Hey @Shivani Roda & @Katherine Bentley, here is the article we discussed on the Organization Login. I have switched this feature flag on for you and it can be accessed via Settings > Organizations. 

We hope you enjoy this feature and please let me know if you have any questions at all :)