Feature update: Events RSVP

We've released an update to the events noticeboard feature which will allow users to RSVP
Feature update: Events RSVP

It's now possible to add an RSVP option to your events. This is an extension of our events noticeboard feature, for more details on that please see this video.

When you go to create an event you'll now see a couple of new options when you enter the event details;

You can select whether you would like to collect RSVPs on the events page. Alternatively you can link out if you're collecting this via a third party. You can also select whether the event is hybrid, this will give you the option to enter in a geographical location and a URL.

When you click save you'll immediately be taken to a second page where you can manage the event. This will let you see who has RSVP'd and to close the RSVP option at any time;

When it's nearly time for the event you can close the RSVPs and download a csv list of all users who said they are and aren't coming;

On the events settings page you'll be able to see an overview of which events are private vs publicly listed and where RSVP is open. You can also see a quick tally of how many people have RSVP'd.

There's also an additional change to how timezones are listed on events. When you create an event you'll be asked to put the time of the session and this will be in the timezone of the community. You can see what timezone your community is in under your General Settings. So if your community is GMT then all events will be created in GMT.

However, on the main events page your users will be able to see the times in their local timezone. If you hover over the time listed on the event then a black bar will appear showing the event time for the user. In this example the event is listed in CEST but the local user is in BST.

If you have any questions then please drop us a line support@zapnito.com