Entrepreneurs are everywhere

From our fast-paced world of media... to shipping.

I am currently re-reading The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries, possibly the best book ever on start-ups. But it is also a great book for businesses of all types that are looking to support entrepreneurship from within their bureaucratic organization.

The other night I was at a Gartner event. It was full of 'brick and mortar company' CIO's. I felt a little out of place.

Some said it was the best time right now to be a CIO or IT Director. But others were still wondering what their place was in the world of cloud computing. One CIO that spoke out was the CIO of a shipping company. What he said surprised me.

He wanted to talk to the CEO about investing in innovation again. He was tired of cutting it out of the budget. He recognised that anyone can cut the innovation budget and look good for saving money. He saw that it is much harder and braver to invest to explore change in this time of economic uncertainty. But also that innovating to adjust to your changing market is essential.

This CIO does not work in the (usually) fast-paced world of media. He is the CIO of a shipping company. Have I said that? He had the spirit of an entrepreneur in the most traditional of sectors.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere. That is what Ries is saying.

They are in your business waiting to thrive. They are a 25 year-old developer or a 60 year-old CIO. Find them.

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