Engage, Retain & Grow: A SaaS Marketer's Guide to Expert Communities

Exploring the power of expert communities to help SaaS Marketers engage new customers and retain their existing ones.
Engage, Retain & Grow: A SaaS Marketer's Guide to Expert Communities

B2B SaaS marketing is unlike any other. Complex products which need specialized knowledge to sell, let alone use. Products that are intangible, constantly evolving, in an increasingly saturated market.

It is the marketer’s job to deliver this specialized knowledge to prospects, and customers. But existing channels are making it harder and more expensive to reach people. 

In our new eBook: ‘Engage, Retain & Grow: A SaaS Marketer’s Guide to Expert Communities’ we address the major pain points affecting B2B SaaS marketing today and offer the solution: an expert community. 

Expert communities bring together intelligence and community, to allow members to learn, share knowledge and collaborate with their peers, as well as your experts. They make customers better at using your product, and achieving their own goals. 

Over the course of this eBook, we will take a closer look at the power of expert communities to optimize your marketing strategy in three distinct ways.


Engagement is not a new concept for marketers - but expert communities extend customer engagement beyond surface level to create something deeper and more meaningful. This is where the relationship between brand and customer ceases to be merely engagement and becomes active participation.

Accelerated digital transformation has evolved the relationship between brand and customer into a two-way street. Customers increasingly demand to feel personally involved in the brands they buy from, and for those brands to reflect their values. In essence, customers are no longer happy with relationships that are just transactional; they want to participate.


With rising customer acquisition costs, marketers must now also look at everything that happens after a purchase (product utilization, customer service and advocacy), as well as acquiring customers that will stick around for the long haul.

The ability to radically improve CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is one of the greatest advantages of expert communities. By delivering knowledge that makes customers better, driving active participation and building an emotional connection, expert communities mean that members are more likely to stick around for the long term.


Expert communities harness customer advocacy. They put customers front and center and bring them together with prospective customers, to endorse and advocate on a brand’s behalf. What sets community apart from traditional advocacy is that by providing value for users first, their subsequent advocacy for your brand is not contrived. Your users are essentially a part of your brand, and want to share their positive experiences naturally. This gives their advocacy a greater sense of authenticity that will encourage others to take a closer look at your brand.

Download the eBook below and take the first step towards helping your brand and your customers improve as one.

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