Direct conversations

We have just released a new direct conversations feature that allows one to one messages
Direct conversations

I've got some really exciting news for a Friday afternoon, we've got a brand new feature to announce!

Direct conversations are now available on the platform which allow users to send private messages to each other. This feature is controlled by abilities so you can decide which of your users can take part. At the moment this feature is off by default, so if you'd like to give it a try please drop us a line and we'll turn it on for you.

To start a conversation you go to the users profile and click the 'Start conversation' button;

This will take you through to the main conversation page where you'll be asked to send your first message to the recipient.

Your recipient will get an email notification saying that they've been invited to join a conversation with you. The conversation will only start once they've accepted this invitation. This means that users are protected and can decline conversations if they wish.

Once your recipient has accepted the conversation then they can reply to you. You can be notified of their response in two ways;

1. If you're on the site then you'll be able to see the in-app notification bell in the top-right. This will 'ring' when you have a new unread message.

2. If you're not on the site then you will receive an email notification that you have unread messages.

The email notification is set to check for unread messages every 5 minutes. It will then send a digest email of all unread conversations.

There's a new setting on your notification preferences page which allows you to opt in/out of these conversation notification emails.

If you'd like to go back to the conversations page you can either; click on the link from the notifications email, click the link from the notification bell, or go to your 'My Conversations' link in the top right;

We hope you enjoy this new feature - we're really excited about it. It's currently being released in beta, so while it's being tested please let us know if you have any feedback.

We have further development plans for conversations this quarter; the next step is to add group conversations, so i'll let you know when this is ready to be released.

Please let us know if you'd like us to turn on conversations on your community or if you have any questions