Case study: How Sova Assessment improved lead conversion by activating their community

How did this talent assessment firm create a more scalable onboarding process while also boosting lead conversion? Our new case study reveals all.
Case study: How Sova Assessment improved lead conversion by activating their community

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Sova Assessment is a SaaS based talent assessment company. The organization has won awards for its science-based online assessment platform and provides solutions for global organisations helping them make better, fairer decisions about their talent.

The problem

Sova found that a relatively small percentage of leads were being converted into customers. This was largely an issue of timing; organizations in Sova’s ICP would often already be tied down to multi-year contracts with other assessment products, making them unattainable as a customer until some time in the future. Sova struggled to nurture these leads consistently over a long period of time, meaning opportunities were slipping through the cracks.

Sova also felt that one of their biggest problems was that they were offering the same onboarding to customers regardless of size, and recognized the importance of more scalable onboarding that could suit varying needs. As such, they decided they needed to overhaul their system for onboarding new customers.

The vision

Sova’s vision for their community consisted of three main goals.

  1. Create an additional call to action to create and nurture leads.
  2. Build digital scalable onboarding paths for customers and partners.
  3. Provide a channel to share expertise and learning to help upskill organizations make better, fairer decisions about people.

Making their onboarding process more scalable and allowing courses to be completed asynchronously was arguably the most important of these three aims when the community was first launched, as this formed the cornerstone of Sova’s existing business. Though they knew the community would provide greater opportunities to share knowledge and facilitate peer-to-peer learning, the plan was to start small and build out by adding additional features later.

Though they explored the possibility of building their community with other providers, Sova felt that a Zapnito community offered greater scope for expansion over the long term and would be a more transformative addition to their business.


Though Sova did not anticipate instant results, the community has already begun to pay off since launching in 2021. One way it has achieved this is through lowering costs and time spent for the company’s customer support team, as users can find answers to many of their questions on the community. Converting their onboarding to a self-serve system has also provided a revenue boost to Sova, as users can carry out their own onboarding asynchronously which reduces time spent by staff assisting with this process.

Some of Sova’s clients have reported that the community is now integrated as part of their own onboarding process. This reflects the popularity of the decision to make courses asynchronous and self-serve, as clients can now access them at any time and extend their value further.

For more information on how Sova achieved success with their expert community, download the case study in full below.

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