Brand engagement on Facebook is drastically plummeting

Some interesting analytics on declining brand engagement on Facebook.

This is an image from an interesting report from Facebook analytics provider Simply Measured. Essentially it is suggesting that Facebook is losing its ability to maintain engagement with top brands. These numbers, while declining fast (besides for MTV and Harley-Davidson), are still impressive. But if the decline continues, it will further add to the questioning about Facebook's value to businesses of all types.

Maybe the issue is not that the brands are doing a bad job in driving engagement through Facebook. Maybe the issue is that Facebook, like LinkedIn and Twitter, are great places to connect with people on a broad basis but terrible places for brands to drive engagement.

And maybe, just maybe, the more sophisticated and savvy users today are only willing to spend time with a brand that shares its knowledge and expertise vs. a brand that is just looking for ways to get likes and links.

Perhaps it is time for quieter, more relevant knowledge networks that truly represent a brand's value... contact us to discuss.