A Zapnito favourite: publishers as 'platforms for talent'

At Zapnito, we revisit this great Nieman Lab article again and again. 'Reimagining' publishers' websites as 'a platform for outstanding individuals' is what Zapnito is all about.

One of Zapnito's key uses cases is to help trusted publishers showcase and monetize the expertise that exists behind their content in order to differentiate it from free and 'me-too' sources of information and reclaim their audience in a world where everyone is a content creator.

Time and again we revisit this excellent article from Harvard's home of insight into the changing world of journalism, Nieman Lab. While written with news organizations in mind, it could be applied to any traditional publisher.

Here are our top 7 takeaway quotes:

  1. "Journalistic content will increasingly be swept around the Internet in an anonymous blur of sharing and finding through [social] networks, with little regard for the source or the labors taken to produce that news".
  2. "The digital age has started to change things, as more journalists move out from behind the curtain and become public figures in their own right."
  3. "For all the talk about the importance of social media, it is striking that few news organizations have thought to leverage the people and personalities inside them in a bold, strategic way."
  4. "What if journalists became like your doctor, dentist, or teacher — people who provide a valuable service to you, and whose name, voice, and personality are more intimate?"
  5. "What if news outlets decided to flip their model, so that the editorial staff was not subservient to the brand, but the “brand” became a platform for talent?"
  6. "Talented people — their voices, personalities, tastes and ultimately news skills and judgment — are the filters that digital era consumers want."
  7. "By combining the fundamental individual-oriented nature of the web with the advantages of a publishing platform, we can develop a range of new revenue streams."

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