Expertise to guide us through Brexit uncertainty

When only uncertainty is certain, the need for expertise is greater than ever.

As the UK now seems bound towards Brexit, the only thing that is for certain is uncertainty. In such an environment, it's heartening to see expertise on some of the implications of the Brexit already being shared by Zapnito's customers, guiding us through difficult times ahead.

For companies wondering how the UK's likely departure from the EU will affect the movement of their employees across Europe and beyond, look to The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) for the initial responses of global mobility experts on the impact of last night's vote, as well as expert insight from the FEM team.

"This is a turning point for Global Mobility and for those who work within the industry. In the next few weeks, we will be leaned on increasingly to understand the changing legislation and to come up with strategies that will protect the business. Today, what Global Mobility professionals can do is begin to outline their communications plan around the Brexit impact. It will behoove those in management and senior positions to open dialogue now with the business about what they will need in the next year, two years, five years and onward." The Forum for Expatriate Management

With financial markets feeling the first shockwaves of the vote, it's particularly fascinating to hear from the experts at J.P. Morgan, Money Marketing and Fund Strategy on its implications. Indeed, The UK Edge was recently launched to help financial professionals navigate the crowded UK investment market at a time when expert guidance is perhaps more critical than ever.

"This immense shock for the UK will have an economic and financial impact on the rest of the world, but we believe that the fallout should be manageable, if policymakers respond appropriately and investors keep their heads. Whether the political implications will also be containable, particularly in Europe, is another matter." The UK Edge

We look forward to further expert insight from FEM, The UK Edge and no-doubt other Zapnito customers as industries, companies and individuals from every sector look to manage the professional and personal implications of a post-EU UK. One thing is for certain: we will all be looking to the experts to help us with our next steps.


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over 5 years ago
Great post Jen. Experts to help guide us through these issues - definitely true!