Zapnito at the PPA Festival 2016: 3 points on monetizing video

Video is central to the Zapnito platform, with video panels, direct-from-webcam recording, video uploading and video embedding as standard. At the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Festival in London, UK today we heard from the experts already monetizing video. These are the 3 points that resonated with us…
Zapnito at the PPA Festival 2016: 3 points on monetizing video
  1. Danielle Bennison-Brown of Conde Nast, who have seen real success in creating video for paying sponsors, told us that publishers need to lead by example if they want to attract revenue for video. Potential sponsors need to see that video is part of the publisher’s standard offering before they trust them to create video on their behalf. At Zapnito we make video publishing as simple as possible. Publish direct from your webcam with no need for plug-ins or YouTube embedding, and show your clients that video is everyday practice for you.
  2. Danielle also said that what video sponsors want above all is access to the publisher’s audience. Arguably, this poses a problem when hosting video only on social media, where true ownership of an audience is difficult to prove. By hosting video on their Zapnito site, our customers can demonstrate to sponsors not only that they ‘own’ the audience but provide the sponsor with necessary detail on who that audience is and how they have consumed their content.
  3. Bauer Media’s Rob Munro-Hall advised that it’s only even worth getting into video if you have a clear monetization strategy. Enabling publishers to monetize their expertise is what we do at Zapnito, in whatever form that takes. Contact us to hear how our customers are monetizing video and more!

For those of you at the PPA Festival, visit us at our booth to learn more about how Zapnito can help you overcome the challenges and realise the opportunities facing the publishing sector today.