3 reasons why lists rule (and 3 reasons they don’t)

As well as 5 tips on how to create great list posts.
3 reasons why lists rule (and 3 reasons they don’t)

Isn’t it great when you do research for a post and find that someone has already said what you wanted to say, in a way that you’d struggle to improve upon?

That’s how I feel about this post from blogger Julie Neidlinger on the perfect length for a list post, which can be a great, simple way to share expertise. There’s loads of good stuff in Julie’s post but here are my top 3 takeaways:

  1. Lists bring order to chaos. At Zapnito, we like to help reduce the noise of the Internet. That’s why we like lists
  2. Use odd numbers, 9 or lower (or maybe as high as 25), and don’t spell out the number. It wastes brainpower and characters
  3. Lists are not a way to create content out of nothing. They are a powerful way to present expertise to its best effect. And if you really do only have 3 things to say, don’t drag the list out to 10!

Read Julie’s full post at: http://coschedule.com/blog/list-post/