Zapnito awards win update: judges' comments

This just in... the judges' comments on Zapnito's award win at the PPA Digital Awards. Plus a team pic!
Zapnito awards win update: judges' comments

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) have kindly shared the judges' comments on Zapnito's award for Digital Start-Up of the Year.

"Our judges were impressed with the innovation shown by this entry and its efforts to respond to the challenge publishers face in maintaining engagement as content continues to fragment across platforms. Zapnito has successfully achieved this by developing a platform that allows publishers to bring their experts together quickly and effectively to knowledge-share and problem solve, saving both time and money. A welcome new addition to the digital publishing landscape."

They also sent us a nice team pic. In the picture we have (L:R):

  • Kurt Bowen, White Space Creative Solutions (award sponsor)
  • Steve Thompson, Research Analyst & Advisor
  • Me
  • Michelle Graves, Business Development Director
  • Charles Thiede, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Jon Beer, CTO & Co-Founder
  • Audrey Scarff, Jon's wife and Zapnito advisor
  • Mario Gintilli, Senior Developer
  • Matt Hall, Creative Director
  • Emma Green, Strategic Development Director
  • Comedian Mark Watson (to be clear, he was the awards' host, not a member of the Zapnito team)