Future Science Group launches online network for 3D printing in medicine

Today's press release on our latest exciting launch on the Zapnito platform.
Future Science Group launches online network for 3D printing in medicine

Future Science Group (FSG) is excited to announce the launch of 3DMedNet, a new online community for professionals with an interest in the medical uses of 3D printing.

One of the most exciting technological developments in recent years has been the development of the 3D printer: it has the potential to impact many areas of medicine and healthcare, such as personalized pharmaceuticals and prosthetics, tissue engineering, and development of superior surgical tools. However, this field is still in its infancy, and has many technological and regulatory hurdles to overcome.

Using the Zapnito platform, 3DMedNet will allow members to quickly access user-generated news, discussion and opinion from the field of 3D printing in medicine, including webinars, interviews, infographics and editorials – all completely free. Members of the networking site will also be able to share their own content and insights, and receive exclusive free access to select articles from the peer-reviewed publication Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, which FSG will launch later this year.

Content of the network will focus on implants, prosthetics and medical devices; surgical tools; 3D bioprinting for tissue and organ engineering; technology and regulatory developments; and drug development.

Rosalind Hill, Digital Publishing Director at FSG, said: ‘We are excited to launch this new online community alongside our other successful sites, such as RegMedNet and MedChemNet, which also use the Zapnito platform. We chose Zapnito because it offers an innovative solution to networking and content sharing without the noise of social media platforms. We believe that members of our communities will find them invaluable tools to learn and share knowledge to aid in their research and professional development.’

Alexandra Thompson, Editor of 3DMedNet, said: ‘The fields of 3D printing and 3D bioprinting are progressing rapidly, demonstrating their potential to impact many areas of medicine via the potential for personalization and customization, and more cost-effective manufacture.

‘We hope that 3DMedNet will help to bring together all members of this diverse field – from biotechnologists to bioengineers and surgeons to manufacturers – to share knowledge and promote collaboration in order to further accelerate progress and bring benefits to patients faster.’

About 3DMedNet

At 3DMedNet we truly believe that 3D printing and bioprinting is going to have a huge impact on medicine and healthcare. The field comprises a multidisciplinary mix of experts, from regulators and manufacturers to surgeons and bioengineers; 3DMedNet is a network that unites all members of this diverse community, enabling the connection and collaboration that will help this exciting field move forward at an even faster rate. https://www.3dmednet.com/

About Future Science Group

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