How IT Pack is advancing the next generation of IT leaders with their online community

IT Pack's membership community supports their live event series and provides trusted unbiased information for IT professionals across the U.S.

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IT professionals are bombarded with vendor-sponsored content and advertisements at every turn. Finding unbiased, expert information that they can trust is a challenge for the entire sector, and it is something that IT Pack are determined to change.

IT Pack is a membership organization dedicated to developing the next generation of IT leaders across the U.S. They aim to become the go-to resource for this audience, and to do so, needed a single place where its members could come together to collaborate and share knowledge. 

Powered by EFM events, they also needed a permanent digital offering to underpin their live events nationwide. Using Zapnito, IT Pack created a closed community that connects current and aspiring CIOs and IT leaders, to collaborate and learn from one another.

The online community is a trusted conduit of peer-to-peer IT best practices and a resource for continuing education in the field. Since launch in July 2019, it has become a hub of career-advancing content and premium networking for US IT Leaders, with multimedia resources including expert interviews, podcasts, articles and news. 

They plan to extend their offering in 2020 to include job opportunities and an expanded pool of expert contributors.To learn more about how they used the platform to achieve their business objectives, download the IT Pack case study in full.

Nicola Fine

Marketing Director, Zapnito

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