Learnosity and Zapnito partner

Our press release on Learnosity and Zapnito's collaborative partnership.
Learnosity and Zapnito partner

Learnosity and Zapnito today announced their collaborative partnership, which will enhance the knowledge environments of publishers and business services worldwide.

Zapnito joins a rapidly expanding list of companies joining forces with Learnosity to enhance their digital products through the use of powerful, interactive assessment technology. Zapnito have integrated the Learnosity assessment technology into their Knowledge-Sharing and publishing suite in order to offer more advanced assessment and content capabilities to their global clients.

“We’re very excited about our most recent partnership which brings Learnosity and Zapnito together,” said Learnosity CEO and co-founder Gavin Cooney. “Assessment is a natural element of both learning and research and our assessment technology complements Zapnito’s SaaS platform perfectly. We are looking forward to being involved with Zapnito’s mission to bring pioneering knowledge networks to life.”

Zapnito are a Knowledge-Sharing and Experts as a Service platform; developing and monetizing internal and external expert knowledge within any given niche through courses, Q&A and video panel discussions, to name just a few of the tools available.

“By collaborating with Learnosity, we are confident that we have what it takes to create the next generation of expert driven online courses for both publishers and business services,” said Zapnito CEO and Co-Founder Charles Thiede. “We are proud to be involved with Learnosity and believe that the addition of their assessment capabilities brings real value to our clients. We are extremely excited about the opportunities this partnership offers.”

About Learnosity

Learnosity is an award-winning educational technology company that offers a suite of assessment technologies (APIs) which enables organizations from a wide range of sectors, to easily incorporate powerful, interactive assessment capabilities into any digital product. The company works with many of the top names in the education and technology industries and has expanded significantly in the last year, with over 50 dedicated staff spread over 3 cities - Dublin, New York and Sydney.

For further information on Learnosity visit: http://www.learnosity.com.

About Zapnito

Zapnito is an enterprise Software as as Service Knowledge-Sharing and publishing platform that empowers companies to build and brand their own online knowledge networks through internal, external and crowd-sourced experts. Zapnito’s mission is to help organizations reclaim their expert communities and reduce the noise of the web by enabling their audiences to learn from their experts in a more powerful and efficient way.