Psychologies Magazine launches Life Labs online community on Zapnito

Zapnito and Kelsey Media, publisher of Psychologies magazine, today published this joint press release on the exciting launch of Life Labs!
Psychologies Magazine launches Life Labs online community on Zapnito

Psychologies Magazine, a print and digital title owned by Kelsey Media, has launched Life Labs, an open online network of psychology experts. Life Labs was created using Zapnito, a SaaS publishing platform that allows brands to create and monetize their own in-house knowledge networks.

Psychologies Magazine will use Life Labs to interact directly with their audience regarding specific topics. The magazine’s experts and writers distribute curated articles and videos to groups of readers segmented by topics that range from work and money to sex and relationships. Registered users for each group are invited to comment on each piece of content and converse directly both with authors and their peers.

“Partnering with Zapnito has enabled us to quickly and efficiently roll out a robust network platform alongside our re-launched site, allowing us to concentrate solely on our core strengths: developing content and our experts at the heart of that content,” explains Vicky Ophield, digital publisher at Kelsey. “Through Zapnito, we can handpick the experts our readers love to hear from and deliver them to our growing audience, while also removing all unnecessary production and giving instant publishing control to our thought leaders.”

“Our approach is to allow media, publishing, and consulting companies to reclaim their communities and audiences while building products and services using branded expert networks for their members and audiences that already exist today,” says Charles Thiede, co-founder and CEO of Zapnito. “Publishers, consultancies, and media companies curate experts by the nature of their work. In the past, everything has been built around the article or journal because that was how it has been printed. We flipped the whole thing on its head and built our publishing and collaboration platform around the experts themselves. Zapnito offers them a new approach and channel of monetization without having to compete with the noise of social networks.”

“This permits the spontaneity that is crucial to the Life Labs project; it’s all about real conversations for us,” Ophield adds. “Traditional production delays and overly structured process can stilt this, and the Zapnito platform has enabled us to totally eradicate these issues. It leaves us, our network, and our audience to focus purely on the conversation.”

Brands will monetize their networks through subscriptions or sponsorship, as well as the option to tie their membership sites to other services. Readers register for networks through each brand’s unique version of Zapnito. The Zapnito platform is free and accessible to all readers.

About Zapnito

Zapnito is a SaaS publishing platform that offers publishers, consultancies, and any organization that has experts at the heart of its value proposition a new way of creating and monetizing expert networks and membership sites. Zapnito allows organizations to create open and closed, exclusive or inclusive expert networks and membership solutions using the experts and audiences they already have.

Zapnito believes that the web's next challenge is to evolve from social networks to knowledge networks, and is the first SaaS platform to offer contextual knowledge from trusted brands and experts.

About Life Labs

Life Labs is an open network of psychology experts who provide article and video content in association with Psychologies Magazine, one of the UK’s most prominent lifestyle titles. Life Labs was created using the Zapnito platform to unite the magazine’s experts online and collaborate with the Psychologies audience. Visit to see their work in action.

About Kelsey Media

Kelsey Media is a UK-based, privately owned publisher. The company has evolved for over 20 years to become a multi-media business of more than 40 brands. Their future goals include expanding these brands through digital propositions and developing more brand spin-offs like Life Labs. Learn more by visiting