BioPharma Dealmakers – a new destination for life sciences partnering

Originally published on’s Of Schemes and Memes blog on December 4, 2015, this post talks about how BioPharma Dealmakers is using Zapnito to enable partnering in the biopharma and medtech sectors.
BioPharma Dealmakers – a new destination for life sciences partnering

BioPharma Dealmakers brings together life sciences companies and individuals looking to identify and attract partners and dealmaking opportunities. With a quarterly magazine that is distributed in Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, BioPharma Dealmakers provides insights into dealmaking trends and profiles from companies looking to partner – showcasing their pipeline products, technologies, therapeutic focus and partnering strategies.

On November 30, 2015 BioPharma Dealmakers launched its new website, which adds to these insights and profiles with further special features and regular deal updates. What’s more, it provides tools for networking and sharing knowledge, as well as the opportunity for companies to further showcase their expertise through a range of sponsorship opportunities.

Companies and individuals are actively encouraged to engage in networking and dialogue on the BioPharma Dealmakers website, by commenting on, sharing and upvoting content, messaging each other and following the companies profiled.

The website is designed to support biopharma companies in the crucial and competitive world of dealmaking by providing a platform to help them to identify, research and connect with potential partners. For anyone interested in this area, the website should become a valuable community of like-minded peers and a go-to site for seeking new partners and innovations.

BioPharma Dealmakers’ new site is hosted by Software as a Service company Zapnito, with whom Nature Publishing Group earlier this year formed a collaborative partnership to build online expert communities.

Ruth Wilson, Head of Publishing for BioPharma Dealmakers and Matt Kay, Product Manager, have worked with Zapnito over recent weeks to develop the website to meet the requirements of its customers in the life sciences dealmaking arena.

“We’re aware that biopharma companies looking to make deals put a lot of resource and effort into identifying and researching partners, strengthening their own reputation and status, and furthering their understanding of dealmaking trends and activity. We wanted to support our customers in all these activities, and saw that the tools offered by Zapnito had the potential to support us in this endeavour,” said Ruth.

Now featuring MedTech Dealmakers, with special features on the medtech dealmaking landscape and profiles from innovative companies seeking partners, BioPharma Dealmakers is set to become the destination for life sciences companies and partnering professionals looking to make connections and get the latest on their industry.

Raveena Bhambra, Editor of BioPharma Dealmakers, said “we are really excited by the potential of the new BioPharma Dealmakers service to facilitate the partnering activity that drives global drug development. There are not many online partnering resources around of this kind so we encourage anyone with an interest in this space to sign up and engage in this new partnering community.”

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