Is WordPress the right platform to power your business?

There are many options available for creating a website for your organization. WordPress is just one of those, but it is estimated to be used by 33% of all websites. So is it really the right platform to power your business?
Is WordPress the right platform to power your business?

Many people choose WordPress because of its popularity. They’ve heard of WordPress, they know somebody who uses it, and so it seems like the way to go. It is used by 50 million websites worldwide, and how can they all be wrong?

Disclaimer: we aren’t saying that they are wrong, by any means. In fact, our own marketing site is built on WordPress. However it is important to understand that all website platforms are not created equal, and one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

It comes down to the jobs to be done. What are you trying to achieve? Who are you trying to attract and engage? What kind of resource are you willing or able to dedicate to maintaining it? 

These are all questions organizations should ask themselves before choosing any platform. However many are allured by the low upfront costs and promises of high flexibility of WordPress. 

When customers come to us after using WordPress, there are several common factors that they (and we) wish they had known before investing time and money. 

In this whitepaper, we look at the 9 key things that we wish everyone knew before they decided to build a WordPress site. The good, the bad, and what can only be described as, ugly.