January 2020’s customer community highlights: The fashion industry, researcher moms, Tooth Fairy Plc. and more

The first of our monthly highlights for this year: a healthy dose of inspiration from our expert customer communities

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Science beyond the playground
“We hope that by sharing our story, we demonstrate that women can be both successful research scientists/academics and happy parents.” Madagascar’s rainforest biodiversity is in crisis. What can two moms do to understand the scale of the issue while also finding the time to raise a family? Discover for yourself on Nature’s Ecology and Evolution community.

Behind the Paper Top Ten: 2019
Here’s a fantastic example of how to highlight deep engagement between top researchers and community users. Nature's Devices and Materials Engineering community's top content of 2019 is listed here which not only showcases some of the most interesting and valuable research shared on the community over the last 12 months but also encourages the site’s experts to continue to publish content and to rise up the list in 2020.

The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes
"Clothes are our initial and most basic tool of communication. They convey our social and economic status, our occupation, our ambition, our selfworth”, but “it’s not sustainable. None of it [is].” Author Dana Thomas stops to question the unrelenting pace of the global fashion industry and whether we can go on as we are. Read the full story on The OECD's The Forum Network.

Reset Monday
Both science and the history of ‘Blue Monday’ shows it to be a fraudulent concept however the phenomenon can be detrimental to wellbeing if we take it seriously. The upshot however is that the third Monday of January does provide an opportunity to discuss our mental health and reconnect with friends and family who may be struggling during this tough period of the year. See the Let's Reset community to learn more on how to approach the topic.

Facing teething issues
How can the tooth fairy scale her business? Through the power of TV advertising, as explained in this fun ad from Thinkbox, of course. Shared on the Oystercatchers community by Mother London, the creative team behind it.

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