If content is king, then a content hub is the castle

Why an expert-driven content hub is one of your greatest assets
If content is king, then a content hub is the castle

By now, all organizations understand the value of expert content. When done well, it will differentiate your business, increase demand for your products and services, attract prospects and cement your authority as a thought leader. 

A lot of modern-day business wouldn’t happen without content marketing, driving demand and establishing trust. 47% of B2B buyers read between three to five pieces of content before reaching out to a sales rep. 95% see content as a trustworthy source of company’s expertise in their industry.

Relevant content needed

But not all content is created equal. Today’s content leaders have realised the need for timely and relevant expertise that’s trusted, and accessible to their audience.

Competition is high. Every minute, 500 hours of YouTube content is created, along with 1,440 WordPress blogs, and 3.3 million Facebook posts. Creating high-quality content is no longer good enough. You need to put it in the right place. 

Expert-driven content hubs

With an expert-driven content hub, your audience gains access to expertise that’s tailored to them. A blog is typically chronological, causing older posts to be missed entirely. A content hub surfaces relevant information when needed. Users have more control over the content they see and engage with, in a form that they prefer, from video interviews to curated articles to whitepapers.

Money Marketing’s The DFM Centre is a resource for financial advice firms, providing research and analysis on outsourcing trends and solutions. Content is organized according to whether it is aimed at Fund Providers or DFMs, and features expertise from external partners including Schroders and Cazenove Captial. The DFM Centre provides users with authoritative, trusted information and original research that cuts through the noise. 

Championing experts

Crucially, expert-driven content hubs like The DFM Centre become an expert source. Offering experts a platform to share their thoughts and create value, cements them as influencers in their sector. It leverages their knowledge and potential - setting an expert, human-driven content hub apart from other communication channels. Rather than pushing out content, users come to you for an authoritative, trusted understanding on a particular topic.

As automated communication, AI and bots become the norm, human-to-human communities will hold significant influence. Interaction with real human experts will hold a real premium, as more and more of our interactions become virtual.

Establishing authority

A content hub establishes an organization’s authority in their industry or discipline. Mining Beacon uses a content hub to provide additional value around its mining events, with content from interviews to podcasts to awards. 

It provides one central hub for their brand, and a space to demonstrate value and authority that ultimately supports the live events. By teasing content ahead of the event, and highlighting expert speakers, they drive sign-ups and establish the organization, its speakers, and its partners, as topic experts. 

The OECD Forum’s content gives attendees a space to discuss the themes of their events all year round. Badges and channels correlate with event streams and discussions, so the user can quickly and easily find the relevant expertise. This allows the conversation and engagement from event attendees to last beyond the event itself to become a year-round conversation and crucially, drives delegate retention.


Expert-driven content hubs can also highlight the work put into your product and services. Video interviews and behind-the-scenes insights will bring a brand to life with human stories. Ones that will resonate with prospects at a deeper level. This adds value to your offering and feeds your sales pipeline with your target customers.

Springer Nature’s Behind the Paper feature does exactly this, providing a space for their authors to share personal stories. This serves to build trust with readers and creates additional value around the brand.

Going further

Our customers often begin with a strong base of content created by their internal experts. This then grows organically over time into a conversation, as experts and users begin to share perspectives, eventually evolving to collaboration and contributing back into the hub.

With Zapnito, you benefit from an expert-driven content hub combined with an online community. Rather than a static hub, members can ask questions to experts and contribute their own perspectives. A Zapnito content hub is an ever-evolving space, shaped by the people that matter most - its members.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash