Best of 2019 - highlights from our customer communities

Ahead of the fast-approaching festivities, here are 12 highlights showcasing how our customers put Zapnito to good use this year and some of their particularly insightful content.
Best of 2019 - highlights from our customer communities

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1. Customise your community experience
Harnessing Zapnito’s new digest feature, Future Science Group’s (FSG’s) 3DMedNet community explains how its users can now choose which topics they’re notified about. They’ve also made great use of the custom badges feature, creating a new ‘3D in Focus’ series about 3D printing, for example.

2. Crossing networks
Continuing to build on their multi-network community model, Springer Nature has linked its Grand Challenges community and its Sustainability community through content. There is now Grand Challenges content appearing on the Sustainability community's homepage, which will connect users with shared interests across both these sites ensuring greater exposure for both communities.

3. Your event community on a digital platform
Ever wondered what a Zapnito community built around regular events and expert insight might look like? Look no further than Mining Beacon, from Beacon Events. Stay up to date with news, updates, announcements and exclusive content on the mining and materials industry from all their events here.

4. Bringing events online
The gloves were off as the Oystercatchers team hosted a live ‘Fight Club' which saw influential marketing and advertising figures including CMOs, agency CEOs (and Oystercatchers founder Suki Thompson) weigh in on the big questions facing the industry.

5. You can’t handle the truth! (a note on fake news)
Do we all need to apply a scientist’s analytical mind to the content we’re seeing online these days? Brooke Morrison, writing on The FEBS Network, suggests ‘we should apply an academic’s level of scrutiny to information that presents itself as news’, concluding “In the future, we will all be dons.”

6. Something to get your teeth into
If you know your next article or document upload is going to have some meat to it, it might be worth highlighting that for your audience. FSG’s RegMedNet uses a ‘Longer read’ badge on uploads that get into the real detail of the research or post. This enables the reader to expect a deeper dive into the topic before they’ve even clicked into it, which can increase engagement.

7. Defining fake news
'Fake news' means different things to different people at different times but we all see it as a terrible problem for the health of democracy. OECD’s The Forum Network considers the way this phrase makes us feel and how information distributors from across the cultural landscape approach the issue.

8. Announcing new community for mental health and wellbeing awareness
The Let’s Reset, comes to you from Founder, Suki Thompson. This platform aims to increase awareness of wellbeing and resilience in the workplace. It highlights the efforts that can and should be achieved by every organisation to ensure its employees are satisfied in what they do and the job they are in.

9. Journalists Tackle Disinformation
“What has [Mark Zuckerberg] been doing about fake news? When will his army of Facebook fact-checkers get better at deleting disinformation?” As always, The OECD’s The Forum Network is asking the big and frankly necessary questions, highlighting the need to educate young internet users on the dangers of fake news.

10. Building trust in the workplace
Psychologies’ Life Labs allows its users to produce their own community content on topics they’re passionate about. This post is a great example considers the issue of trust, something our team is also particularly passionate about.

11. The Brexit channel
As the UK agrees to a Brexit deal for the first time since voting to leave the EU, you may be wondering what’s next and what the uncertainty of the current political and economic situation means for your investments. Fortunately, JP Morgan’s The UK Edge is here to help, and to keep you up to date on all Brexit developments and their implications.

12. Fiji Volunteer Project
Laidlaw Scholar and Leeds University student Emily Dingley, reflects on her experiences of Fijian culture, global learning and volunteering with Think Pacific in the Fiji Islands. Watch Emily’s story on the Laidlaw Scholars Network to see how the community is changing lives across the world.

As a special shoutout, here’s to the 6 sites which have launched since January: