November’s customer community highlights: Christmas ads (already), the threat of social media, disinformation and more

​Here’s our November highlights: a healthy dose of inspiration from our expert customer communities

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The Fight for Christmas 2019
The Oystercatchers Club community have you covered for 2019’s Christmas ads, as they put it: It's the festive season again and the battle for the (unofficial) title of Best Christmas Ad is on. From the charming to the wacky, this is your chance to get into the spirit as early as possible.

Journalists Tackle Disinformation
“What has [Mark Zuckerberg] been doing about fake news? When will his army of Facebook fact-checkers get better at deleting disinformation?” As always, The OECD’s The Forum Network is asking the big and frankly necessary questions and highlighting the need to educate young internet users on the dangers of fake news.

Conversations in an Uber
IT Pack’s Scott Augenbaum, Ex-FBI, discusses the likelihood of an online attack with his Uber driver, with a sobering lesson for us all: “Whether you are an individual using social media for personal use, a small business, or a large corporation, hackers don’t care about you. If they want to get access to your social media account, they will and they can use it with malicious intentions in any way they want.”

Movember: Changing the Face of Men's Health.
"Let’s Reset supports Movember for starting a conversation about men's mental health." Understand the story and motive behind Movember on the Let’s Reset community. Find the top five tips outlined for men by the organization for a healthier, happier life.

Novel 4D printing technique has biomedical applications
If you thought 3D printing functional hearts and other organs for modeling and testing was incredible, prepare to be blown away by Future Science Group’s 3DMedNet. “...unlike current 3D-printed objects, the materials used in 4D printing can be easily modified after the object is printed. For example, a 4D-printed object may be able to change its shape due to specific conditions… this technology may have the potential to be used in drug delivery and tissue engineering.” How amazing is that?

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