Directories for open rooms

We've updated open rooms so that now you can add members and contributors
Directories for open rooms

You can now show contributors and members in open rooms - just like you've been able to do in private rooms. This means that you can display a selection of users who might be especially important in that room, for example event organisers or advisory board members. Your users can also filter through the room directories to find someone specific.

When you go to your Rooms settings page and click edit on a room you'll now see a new toggle bar that looks like this;

New toggle bar

We've updated some of the language from the previous toggle menu. The 'archived' option allows you to control whether the room is open for contributions or not. If you select this button then the room will still be visible to users but will be closed to any new content. The 'open' toggle allows you to choose whether the room is Open or Closed. 

The 'contributors' and 'members' options are new. If you toggle one or both of these and then save you'll see new tabs at the top of the page that look like this;

New tabs

These tabs will allow you to add people into the categories, and then the directories tab allows you to display these users to the rest of the room - just like you would with a directory in your main menu.

These tabs will be useful in cases where you have a room that's relevant to all users on the site but you want to highlight a special selection of users. You might want to highlight them because they're the content creators, or because they're the event organisers - whatever your reasons I hope you find this new feature useful. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.