Development update 1st November

A development update on all the work that has been done for the last 2 weeks.
Development update 1st November

Welcome to November, I can't believe this year is going so quickly. I hope everyone had a fun and/or relaxing Halloween yesterday!

Our developers have been working hard on the onboarding and registration process and I expect i'll be showing you all the new pages really soon. For now i've got a few other bits to update you on;

Members and contributors in open rooms

This was a customer request that we've implemented this week. Previously it was only possible to separate contributors and members in private rooms, but now we've extended this ability to open rooms as well. This means that you can show a directory of people in the room and restrict who posts and who just consumes the content. You add contributors and members in exactly the same way you would for a private room, through the settings cog > rooms.


ORCiD stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID and it's an ID number for academic researchers. This allows the published work of researchers to be searched by their ID number rather than their name, this helps if they have a common name. The Zapnito team are working on an integration with ORCiD which allows all work published by an author to be pulled through into their Zapnito profile. We are due to release this work next week and then all academic publishers can add their ID to their profile. I'll let you know more about this next week and show you how to use it.

Video panels

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, outside of our standard development cycles we've been doing a little work on the side... we're revamping video panels! This work is slow and steady so I won't have anything to show you for a while, but I just wanted to let you know that something extra is going onĀ and it's going to be brilliant. We're working on the invitation process, the arrangement on the screen, name labelling, video connection and much more.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions