October’s customer community highlights: Brexit-mania, the rise and fall of a unicorn, sustainability week and more

Here’s our October highlights: a healthy dose of inspiration from our expert customer communities

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The Brexit channel
As the UK agrees to a Brexit deal for the first time since voting to leave the EU, you may be wondering what’s next and what the uncertainty of the current political and economic situation means for your investments. Fortunately, JP Morgan’s The UK Edge is here to help, and to keep you up to date on all Brexit developments and their implications.

The rise and fall of a unicorn
With a valuation of nearly $50 billion this year, WeWork’s business model has come under the spotlight following its ‘ill-fated IPO’. As shared on The DFM Centre, we may have seen the last of the unicorns for a while and looking at the incredible numbers behind this story, it is easy to see why, e.g. WeWork spend “$229,000 every hour, every day, year after year”.

October contributions
From dinosaur graveyards explorations to the impact of human activity on rainfall to amphibian parental care to bee drones. Where else could you find such diverse yet fascinating research across a range of topics and the stories behind them all than on Springer Nature’s Ecology & Evolution Community? Find all of this month’s (and more) behind the paper articles to learn more.

Climate and sustainability week
The 74th Session of the UN General Assembly took place in New York at the end of September and it had ‘unprecedented importance for sustainability’, according to Springer Nature’s Sustainability Community. They have a roundup from the so-called climate week and the questions that still require answers.

Diversity in mining
Eira Thomas, President and CEO of Lucara Diamond discusses the key barriers to entry for the next generation and for women looking to get into mining, and what she is doing to address those challenges. Listen to the insightful podcast interview on the Mining Beacon community.

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