Weekly development update 27th September

An update of the development work from the first week of cycle 4
Weekly development update 27th September

On Monday of this week we began cycle 4 which is going to be all about updating the registration process for new users on the platform. Over the course of the next 6 weeks we'll change the way people and organisations register on the site to a new process that will encourage them to complete their profile, update their picture and sign up for notifications.

As we're only 5 days into this cycle i'm afraid I don't have any screenshots to show you yet; the development team are building the foundations of this new system. I'll keep you up to date with changes as they happen. 

The other piece of work that was done this week was adding body text to the document content type. Once you've uploaded a document you'll see a WYSIWYG bar underneath document viewer;

Body text

This can be used like the body text box in a normal post; so you can add links, bullet points or simply style your text with bold and italics.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above laura@zapnito.com