Development update 20th September

An update on the work done during the maintenance period
Development update 20th September

Today marks the last day of the 2 week maintenance period we have between each development cycle, which means that we start the exciting work of cycle 4 on Monday. 

While the developers have been working extremely hard for the last two weeks, i'm afraid that the work has all been behind the scenes so there's not much that i can screenshot and show you - lines of code don't make good pictures! Rest assured that the work that's been done has all been to make your experience on the platform faster and easier and the all important bug squashing. 

For example; we have done a week of security testing to make the platform even more resilient against malicious attacks, we've also upgraded the system that measures the analytics, and we've improved the speed of the admin pages by removing the advert slots on these pages. This is to name just a few of the maintenance jobs done in this time.

On an even more exciting note, cycle 4 starts on Monday which means the beginning of the Registration Workflow upgrade. We're going to be making the registration process more clear and streamlined so that when new users register to your site they're more likely to complete their profile and fill out their details. We know this is a problem for a few of you - there's nothing more annoying than seeing a half finished profile - but when we've completed this work we're hoping to see a real change in how new users approach the platform.

Please let me know if you have any questions and keep your eyes peeled for updates and changes over the coming weeks.